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6/25/16: Comments

Web updated this morning. The British have made their decision. Leave the UNION. Stocks took it on the chin as they were not expecting this. Our signals were reporting 75% cash. However Signal was still in buy mode. Will there be more downside? No one knows for sure. It could have been worst.

PRISM is on a BUY

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Utilities 6/3/16...                    Consumers 6/09/16...
Energy 3-02-16...                    Health 6-20-16...
Finance 6-13-16...                    Materials 6-6-16...

Technology 6-24-16...                    Telecom 6-3-16...
Industrials 6-24-16...                    Cyclicals 5-13-16...
PRISM Model.. 5/26/16                   MORUT Model 6/21/16