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8/26/16: Web Updated

--- Key Points to Consider---

Technology leading Sector

Risk rising last 5 days.

Waiting for Fed Meeting

Nasdaq remains the dominant market

Environment is positive but overbought

Reduce Market exposure suggested

Bear funds and Inverse not ready to move yet


Short Osc - Sell 8-2-16

Mid- Morut- Buy 7/1/16

Mid- PRISM- Buy 7/11/16

Long- Ruttr- Buy 7/12/16


Click the Sector charts individually for rankings of ETF's in each

Utilities 8/5/16...                    Consumers 8/2/16...
Energy 8-16-16...                    Health 8-24-16...
Finance 7-14-16...                    Materials 7-13-16...

Technology 7-11-16...                    Telecom 8-9-16...
Industrials 7=11-16...                    Cyclicals 7-08-16...
PRISM Model.. 7/08/16                   MORUT Model 7/1/16