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4/28/16: Comments

Web updated this morning. Market remains in OVERBOUGHT but has come down to about 80% status. MIX signals as MoRut2 and Mc Osc is on a SELL, with VIX increasing caution is advised. Is it sell in May and go away?


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Utilities 4/21/16...                    Consumers 4/22/16...
Energy 3-02-16...                    Health 3-7-16...
Finance 3-02-16...                    Materials 2-17-16...

Technology 4-27-16...                    Telecom 2-22-16...
Industrials 2-18-16...                    Cyclicals 2-25-16...
PRISM Model.. 2/24/16                   MORUT Model 4/29/16